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9 Reasons You Should Get a Home Inspection

After the offer to buy a home comes into a contract, the near-endless process of check writing takes effect. Many essential costs would be incurred, such as lawyer fees, realtor fees or a summed-up total of these expenses and others. With that, you might be tempted to avoid home inspection...

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Why You Should Get a Wind Mitigation Inspection

Many folks today thought that because they do not want their premium to go up, they will decide not to invest in a home inspection. However, there is good news, and the good news is that only because of inspection, your premium will never go up, in fact, it can only go down. Isn't that relieving? But what is the harm of not carrying out?

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5 of the most Common problems found during a home inspection in Palm Coast

A home inspection in Palm Coast is very important if you are investing in real estate. If you want to secure a mortgage loan, the lender will require that you have a home inspection in Palm Coast as a prerequisite for loaning to you. When you don’t undertake a home inspection in Palm Coast, you may end up buying a property with a lot of pricey issues...

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Top 4 ways you can prep your home for summer

Just like your car, your home is a unique asset that requires regular maintenance. You have to make sure that every component of the house is functioning properly. They must also be running at peak performance. When you undertake preventive maintenance by employing a home inspector in Palm Coast, the life of that vital system of your home would be extended. That would save you a good sum of money from month to month...

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5 tips for a fast home inspection in Palm Coast

If you are planning to sell your home, you will need a home inspection to ensure that your house is in order, so that the process can be successful. The buyer can also request for a home inspection in Palm Coast to ensure that the house is in order. Buying a home is not something that you should joke about. ...

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Using a Home Inspector as an expert witness

Who is an expert witness? It is someone who is significantly skilled and knowledgeable in a specific area. He is someone who is called before the court to testify during legal proceedings. Such a person can render a professional opinion or conclusion when called upon. However, this is not to be mistaken for a fact witness—someone who can only give facts during court cases. A home inspector in Palm Coast can function as an expert witness for a legal case revolving around building codes, rules, and violations...

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Home Inspection Mistakes Buyers and Sellers Make

A home inspection provides visual evaluation and checks on home to pass it safe and convenient for living. The inspection is more than just avoiding faults in the house, it's about teaching and helping on maintaining the home because it's one of the most significant tasks a homeowner can undertake. It's basically determining the working performance of the house and how habitable it is...

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How to Prepare for a Home Inspection

What most home sellers don't realize is that they would have a much easier time if they prepare for a home inspection, a thorough preparation for a home inspection will help avoid unforeseen issues. This preparation will help prevent damages, cause the last thing a home seller needs is for an inspector to damage a piece of furniture due to ill hearted preparation mistakenly...

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Why You Should Inspect a Newly Constructed House

Contrary to popular belief, new is not always best. This is apparent in the home construction industry, where most people believe newly constructed homes are much safer than existing ones. This belief appears reasonable, but if you look at it critically, construction errors can be even more fatal than the effects of wear and tear...

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Things to Know About Exterior Home Inspection

Homeowners and buyers need to pay particular attention to the exterior of their homes. Although there's no replacement for professional home inspectors, but for homeowners needing to conduct their exterior home inspection by themselves, this article might be of help...

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7 Things to Look for in a Home Inspector

If you are preparing to buy a new home, a lot of factors have to be considered before you make that big decision. Many houses available for sale these days look very appealing on the outside. Even when you take a look at the interior, chances are you would never notice anything wrong with the building...

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How to Get The Best Out of Your Home Inspection Agency In Palm Coast

Getting the best out of your home inspector can be difficult. Most times, this difficulty doesn't necessarily exist because the inspector is inefficient. Maximizing the benefits of home inspection in Palm Coast involves the customer asking the right questions...

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5 Benefits of Home Inspection You Never Knew Existed

Do you believe home inspection is a waste of time and money? Are you one of those who think you stand nothing to gain from having your home inspected by an expert? Think again. There is more to home inspection than meets the eye.

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Common Myths and Facts about Home inspectors

Every industry has its fair share of misleading notions. The home inspection industry is no exception to this, as some home owners are led into having a couple of misinformed ideas. Some of these ideas are ludicrous and others appear to be rather sensible, but trust me, they are not. The home inspection industry has been very useful, but myths and stories like this has dampened its impact considerably.

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Top 5 Mistakes that First Time Home Buyers Make

Right now, the prospects of buying a new home in Palm Coast is looking very achievable and most people are thinking about it because of the recently favorable lending rates for mortgages, averagely low home prices and increased number of houses available for sale throughout the country. Most realtors are now aggressively selling homes to more people and the mortgage market is getting higher standards to help buyers with great financial standing acquire homes.

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