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4 Point Inspections

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A.G.G. Home Inspections of Palm Coast offers four point inspections. This type of inspection is primarily required by insurance companies and their underwriters to accept or reject the risk of specific conditions and or general eligibility for coverage of a property. The 4-point inspection originated roughly 25 years ago, and most insurance companies require this verification form on homes 30 years or older.

What are the four points in a four-point inspection?

  1. Roof
  2. Electrical
  3. Plumbing
  4. Heating and Air Conditioning

The report consists of two to four pages with photos included. It basically is a snapshot of the current condition of these four major components. The insurance companies are essentially wanting to verify that these components are safe and operational. Most of the home inspections in Palm Coast do not require this form due to houses being newer, although sometimes people prefer getting only a 4-point inspection in Palm Coast and surrounding areas because it’s cheaper than a full home inspection. This gives our clients a better idea on the condition of the four major components while saving them money.

What are some of the criteria to pass a four-point inspection?

Not every four-point inspection will get a clean report, however there is no need to worry. We at A.G.G. Home Inspections of Palm Coast will walk you through the steps it will take to get you a clean report.

You also need to keep in mind that not all insurance companies have the same criteria and not all underwriters apply the criteria in the same manner. The standards are sometimes rather elusive and subject to considerable interpretation.

Here at A.G.G. Home Inspections of Palm Coast we have the standard Citizens Report simplifying the process making this very easy for you and your insurance company to understand. We wish you the best in your inspections and please consider A.G.G. for all your inspection needs.

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