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Wind Mitigation Inspections and the Uniform Mitigation Verification Form

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A.G.G. Home Inspections of Palm Coast offers wind mitigation inspections. This type of inspection can be very beneficial for our client’s insurance premiums. This inspection report can reduce home insurance costs as much as 50% depending on the construction characteristics of the home.

So, you may question what the wind mitigation inspection is about. The definition to wind mitigation is: the strengthening of existing structures to resist hurricanes. The state of Florida has been hit by many hurricanes that caused great devastation. Over the years, Florida has implemented new codes and building standards to help withstand hurricane force winds. Below is a brief history of the process of where we are today with wind mitigation inspections.

After the impact of Hurricane Andrew in 1992:

In 2001 Florida Building Code implemented a mandatory state-wide wind mitigation enforcement.

Florida once again got hit with multiple hurricanes in 2004 & 2005.

There was an estimated $30.2 Billion of insurance payouts. The cumulative effect was more changes to building codes, withdrawal of insurance companies from the Florida Windstorm Market, the creation of a state operated insurance company – Citizen’s, and finally ever increasing windstorm insurance premiums.

Many lessons had been learned. Insurance companies, home builders, and owners alike quickly understood the benefit of the new building code standards as these properties fared substantially better than others.

In 2007 Florida Statute 627.711 requires insurance companies to offer premium “discounts, credits, or other rate differentials” for certain hurricane resistant features. That’s where we are today – with great discounts to our premiums if our home has the right characteristics.

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