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5 of the most Common problems found during a home inspection in Palm Coast

Disclaimer: The content of this blog is written by a 3rd party blog writing service and does not reflect the opinions of A.G.G. Home inspections

A home inspection in Palm Coast is very important if you are investing in real estate. If you want to secure a mortgage loan, the lender will require that you have a home inspection in Palm Coast as a prerequisite for loaning to you. When you don’t undertake a home inspection in Palm Coast, you may end up buying a property with a lot of pricey issues.

A home inspection will enable you to find out about potential problems if you are going to buy the property. This will put you in the position to demand repairs of the discovered problems or allows you to beat down the price in anticipation of extra cost after purchase. If you are not comfortable with the arrangement, you may just decide to forgo the house and look for another.

It is important that you understand no home is perfect, and for this reason, we have put together a list of the 5 common problems you will most likely come across during a home inspection in Palm Coast.

1. Poor building standard

One of the tasks of moving into a new home, that is, one that you haven’t been into before, is that you are always going to make changes. Changes might be from applying new painting to flooring or more. It’s something that most new homeowners love doing, especially if the home isn’t a brand new one or one that has been used by someone else. But one thing that most people fail to do is to go for a home inspection that will reveal if the changes they are planning to make complies with current building codes.

Therefore, by the time you get a home inspector in Palm Coast to go over the property, lots of major or minor code violations would be discovered. These should be fixed before you make the final payment for the property.

2. Faulty wiring

There is hardly any homeowner that doesn’t love electronics or electrical devices. This has the potential to increase the demand on electrical components inside that home. What this means is that older homes that have old and outdated wiring may not be able to keep.

Instead of replacing those old wiring systems, some homeowners may opt for an upgrade which could turn out to be life-threatening—placing a dangerous load on the old, existing system. But with a well-done home inspection in Palm Coast, you may discover such problems and fix them in time.

3. Poor drainage

Some homes are not properly graded from the planning stage. Erosion threatens some homes which shouldn’t be when compared to similar houses. Structures, over time, also settle down. The end result is poor drainage around the structure. Water should be flowing away from your home. But if there is a poor drainage condition, it can cause water to accumulate around your home—soaking deep into the foundation. A home inspection in Palm Coast can help in re-grading the structure.

4. Faulty plumbing

One of the most common issues with older homes is outdated infrastructure. Issues like aging plumbing can result in other serious problems like leaks, clogging, and ineffective water pressure. A thorough home inspection could uncover these problems.

5. Roof system Damage

Of course, this is also very common because most people don’t get atop their roof to check what’s up with it. And most times, they don’t bother to hire the services of professional home inspection in Palm Coast. This could lead to serious issues like flashing, damaged shingles, followed by leaks, pest penetration and other critical problems that your home inspection would inform you of.

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