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Home Inspection Mistakes Buyers and Sellers Make

Disclaimer: The content of this blog is written by a 3rd party blog writing service and does not reflect the opinions of A.G.G. Home inspections

A home inspection provides visual evaluation and checks on home to pass it safe and convenient for living. The inspection is more than just avoiding faults in the house, it's about teaching and helping on maintaining the home because it's one of the most significant tasks a homeowner can undertake. It's basically determining the working performance of the house and how habitable it is.

Here are some mistakes both homeowners and buyers need to avoid during the inspection:

Not checking how legit the inspector is

Most buyers and sellers just take whatever inspector is given to them, without questioning his/her expertise. Only experienced home inspectors in Palm Coast can do a proper home inspection for you either as a buyer or seller. You should ask the experience, qualifications, reputation of the home inspector in Palm Coast for hiring. Also, no one wants an old school inspector snooping around their house; you will want someone current in the business.

Failing to attend the inspection.

Most people don't think much of attendance, but it's essential. Reading the inspection report alone won't give you enough information about what needs improving in your home. It's like a practical; you need to see it to get the full picture. Some home inspectors in Palm Coast might not inspect your home if you aren't available. The inspection will most likely take all day, and some inspector will like to give a verbal explanation of their observations. Although inspectors aren't allowed to advise on the purchase of the house, they are likely to provide you with an estimate on how much repairs and renovations the house might be needing.

Failure to read the inspection report.

An expert inspector will write a concise report on what's wrong with the house and how to fix it. Most buyers and sellers don't pay much attention to reading the report. Instead, they just brush through it. Most inspection reports are usually filled with a pictorial description of the strength and weaknesses of the home for better understanding.

Failure to get an inspection before sale.

This mistake applies to the sellers mostly; as a seller, you should get an inspection before the sale so that they can fix and repair all damages in the house, to generate higher value for the house. As a seller, you should use a home inspection in Palm Coast to your advantage to control cost. Most home inspectors are always booked out, so buyers and sellers should endeavor not to wait too long before getting an inspector involve in evaluating the house.

Failure to prepare the house.

It's the most important of all; the home inspector won't tidy up your house for you. All boxes and books should be tidy up. The pilot light should be turned on, and the basement should be cleaned appropriately of rodents and insects. You should not forget to keep the exterior clean.

Also, be available to meet the inspector, introduce yourself, show him/her the available keys and then take off. You should also not forget to keep the utilities connected, so it will be easier for the inspector to carry out his/her duty.

So, if you are either a buyer or seller that is looking for a home inspector in Palm Coast, you should contact us today.

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