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7 Things to Look for in a Home Inspector

Disclaimer: The content of this blog is written by a 3rd party blog writing service and does not reflect the opinions of A.G.G. Home inspections

If you are preparing to buy a new home, a lot of factors have to be considered before you make that big decision. Many houses available for sale these days look very appealing on the outside. Even when you take a look at the interior, chances are you would never notice anything wrong with the building. It is advisable not to inspect a home on your own because there could be a lot of inconspicuous problems plaguing it. You should endeavor to hire the services of a professional home inspector to help you handle such an examination.

Beware of who you go to for help on home inspection though. Con artists, quacks, and unqualified people are scattered all over the country. To avoid paying for a home with a faulty and hazardous structure you need to be careful with the home inspection agency you hire. This article shows you the things to look out for when searching for a suitable home inspector.

1. Transparent and informative website

Any top-class home inspection agency should have a website that gives prospective clients enough information on the type services they offer. If you feel the site looks sketchy or vague, you should probably do a background check on the agency.

2. Verified License

Many locations require home inspection agencies to be licensed. Get any home inspection agency you are considering to send you a copy of its license and proof of insurance.

3. All-around knowledge

The mistake a lot of people make is to waste money on hiring various specialized services rather than getting a single home inspector with a vast knowledge of home systems and structures. Don't go hiring a plumber, electrician, or carpenter to help with your inspection. Their knowledge is mostly restricted to their professional field.

4. Professional Experience

While it is not a bad idea to give young and startup businesses ago on uncomplicated jobs. Larger homes require the expertise of a company that has been in the business for at least a few years. It pays to get the services of home inspectors with a couple of working years under their belt.

5. Wants you around

Choose a home inspector who doesn't have a problem having you around during the inspection process. If this is something you want, it might help to stick with the inspector during the checkup just in case you need to ask a few questions about different areas of the building.

6. Complete report

Try to get an idea of how the agency arranges its reports. A good final report should point out the problems, explain the effects of these problems and how to fix them.

7. Proximity

Choose a home inspection agency that is familiar with the area around the building you want to be inspected. They are more likely to understand how houses in the area are affected by wind, weather, floods or earthquakes.

By now you should have more than enough knowledge on what to look for when choosing a home inspector. If you need a home inspector in Palm Coast, then you need not look further than AGG Home Inspection Agency. We have all the qualities stated above and more. Visit for more information.

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