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Top 4 ways you can prep your home for summer

Disclaimer: The content of this blog is written by a 3rd party blog writing service and does not reflect the opinions of A.G.G. Home inspections

Just like your car, your home is a unique asset that requires regular maintenance. You have to make sure that every component of the house is functioning properly. They must also be running at peak performance. When you undertake preventive maintenance by employing a home inspector in Palm Coast, the life of that vital system of your home would be extended. That would save you a good sum of money from month to month.

The long Palm Coast summer can sometimes be harsh on your house, but there are several inexpensive and quick ways you can prepare your home as the summer approaches. Here are 5 summer tips to prep your home.

1. Monitor the Condenser Unit of your AC

You might have one or multiple exterior unit on your AC, depending on the overall size of your home. Keep the vertical coil fins by the sides of your condenser unit clear and clean, this will help increase the overall airflow into your home. Spraying the AC fins using a garden hose while the unit is off will enable you to eradicate dust and debris collected by the coil fins. To ensure proper monitoring and cleaning of your AC Condenser system, you will need to call in a professional home inspector in Palm Coast.

2. Add Window Treatments

You may not have money to invest in installing new windows, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have the best from your window. You can add window blinds, treatment or solar screen as a more inexpensive and easy way to resolve the same problem. Ensure you add these on windows that are directly affected by the sun, most epically in the afternoon hours. You will be able to limit the penetration of harsh UV rays from getting into your home. Hiring a home inspector in Palm Coast will help you to achieve that purpose.

3. Insulate your HVAC refrigerant Line

There is a refrigerant line in your HVAC system. That line runs from the indoor air handler down to the outside of the condensing unit. It is highly necessary that the line should have adequate foam insulation. This is mandatory to help improve the overall attic area condensation drip and efficiency of the home. To ensure that you receive excellent functioning from your HVAC system, call a home inspector in Palm Coast to help you with the insulation.

4. Self service your AC System

There is no air conditioning system that doesn’t condensate during operation. Even our vehicles are dripping under while we make use of the air conditioner. Condensation from AC system exits the home in different ways to safely avoid possible water damages. When the dripping condensation, flow through a 1-inch PVC pipe, as it wears on in time, can clog inside the piping. This in turn can cause possible water damage and backup issue. To make sure that such challenges doesn’t come up, it is recommended that you perform a maintenance service that uses bleach and hot water. In that case, you should first call a home inspector in Palm Coast to look into your AC system, if you feel you can’t do it yourself.


As one of the best home inspectors in Palm Coast, it is highly recommended that you regularly inspect your home to get better solutions and overcome potential problems. You can prepare your home excellently for the upcoming summer.

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