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Using a Home Inspector as an expert witness

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Who is an expert witness? It is someone who is significantly skilled and knowledgeable in a specific area. He is someone who is called before the court to testify during legal proceedings. Such a person can render a professional opinion or conclusion when called upon. However, this is not to be mistaken for a fact witness—someone who can only give facts during court cases. A home inspector in Palm Coast can function as an expert witness for a legal case revolving around building codes, rules, and violations.

Qualification and roles played by an expert witness

Practically, an expert witness is someone that submits a report upon conclusion of inspecting the site in question. The report that will be presented by the home inspector in Palm Coast is one that is significantly compelling adequately so that the opposing party will decide to settle out of court. Such a report is usually binding and the parties acquiesce to it can save them from further cost of proceedings and time.

Regarding qualifications, an expert witness is a professional versed and certified in that area of interest. He/she should be knowledgeable enough as such that his/her summation would help in resolving the fact in dispute.

As an expert witness, a home inspector in Palm Coast is expected to consult and testify regarding building codes, rules, and regulations. In this case, your home inspector in Palm Coast will provide an opinion after an assessment regarding the building ordinances and violations. Therefore, to qualify as an expert witness, a home inspector in Palm Coast should be the credible evaluator and experienced in building defects, building distress, and structural failures.

Home inspectors to the rescue

In cases involving possible building defects found in some homes, a home inspector is called upon to give his opinion in such cases that may not have led to a jury. For instance, a floor with mediocre or bad finish can lead to someone tripping and injure themselves. A water leakage could have caused a ceiling collapsing on someone below. Faulty electrical wiring or inferior and poorly fitted plumbing installations can also make up these defects. The layout of the building, the overall design, integrity of the wall leaking pipes, including electrical and fire shocks, constitute a serious threat, which is most common.

If you have to seek redress against these defects in court, a home inspector in Palm Coast acting as an expert witness can help you to be successful with your claims. A home inspector doing the work of an expert witness would have the capacity to establish if the fixtures in question comply with existing guidelines governing the home structure. Your home inspector in Palm Coast will inspect, prepare a report and submit the expert witness report to the court. Among the things the home inspector would consider are;

Your home inspector in Palm coast acting as an expert witness will also provide a recommendation for how to remedy such defects.

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