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Why You Should Inspect a Newly Constructed House

Disclaimer: The content of this blog is written by a 3rd party blog writing service and does not reflect the opinions of A.G.G. Home inspections

Contrary to popular belief, new is not always best. This is apparent in the home construction industry, where most people believe newly constructed homes are much safer than existing ones. This belief appears reasonable, but if you look at it critically, construction errors can be even more fatal than the effects of wear and tear.

The construction of a house is a very complex process, and at one point or the other, builders are likely to make errors. Some of these errors may be minor and while others may be major and dangerous.

Despite the obvious dangers of not inspecting a newly constructed house, there are those who still feel reluctant to hire a home inspection agency for their new homes. This article will completely change their minds.

Let's take a look at some of the reasons why new homes need to be inspected:

1. No building is defect-free

When you invest in a new building, you must understand that every inch of it is yours - including the problems. Yes, you must have trusted the builders to do a good job, but still, builders are humans too. They are prone to errors like everyone else.

If for any reason, a private home inspector decides the new house needs modification, don't hesitate to take your complaints to the builder. He or she should do the job properly before you sign off on it.

2. Safeguard your builder warranty

Most builders offer warranty coverage for a period of time. This setup may seem very beneficial, and in most cases, it is. But now and then, there exists that builder who tries to tell his employer that a substandard building is completely flawless. In such cases, you need someone in a neutral position to give you a more honest opinion.

Checking for signs of waterlogging from underneath your windows can help prevent further damage.

3. Inspections by the council just won't cut it

Inspections done by the council are mainly aimed towards making sure the building complies with the applicable building codes. Building codes only focus on the minimum standards and requirements, but for someone who paid good money for quality work, you should expect something much better than "minimum."

A building could easily pass a council inspection and still contain annoying detects that could reduce its value over time. What you need to do is hire the services of a reputable home inspector in Palm Coast and have them take a look at your new home before you settle in.

At one time, you must have bought a new product only to find out it was not what you bargained for. The same thing can happen to a recently constructed building.

If you are planning to build, or are currently building a house in Florida, then we urge you to hire the best home inspector in Palm Coast, A.G.G home inspection. We offer affordable, efficient and top-quality home inspection in Palm Coast whenever you need it. Call us today for a free consultation.

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