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What to Know About Termite Inspection for a Home Purchase

If you are a home buyer, you would most likely freak out if you find termites in a home you are considering buying. This is not unusual as termites are found everywhere in the United States and are estimated to be responsible for more than $50Bn of damages annually. This is even more than the estimated damage caused by house fires! One of reasons why termites are a big deal in Florida is because the warm temperature and the high moisture levels contribute to the perfect environment for termites to thrive. Therefore, it is important to do a termite inspection as part of a home inspection in Palm Coast before you commit to buying a home.

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Wind Mitigation Inspections and the Uniform Mitigation Verification Form

A.G.G. Home Inspections of Palm Coast offers wind mitigation inspections. This type of inspection can be very beneficial for our client’s insurance premiums. This inspection report can reduce home insurance costs as much as 50% depending on the construction characteristics of the home.

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4 Point Inspections

A.G.G. Home Inspections of Palm Coast offers four point inspections. This type of inspection is primarily required by insurance companies and their underwriters to accept or reject the risk of specific conditions and or general eligibility for coverage of a property. The 4-point inspection originated roughly 25 years ago, and most insurance companies require this verification form on homes 30 years or older.

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Roof Inspection with Certification

A.G.G. Home Inspections of Palm Coast offers roof inspections to our clients. This type of inspection is primarily required for insurance companies to verify the roof’s condition. A roof certification inspection is like the four-point inspection simplified and reduced to one component instead of four. We have had clients also call us for a roof inspection after strong winds or a storm. In some cases, our clients noticed water stains to their ceiling and wanted to locate the leak and extent of the roof damage. We also can give a rough estimate on what kind of charges our client should expect from a licensed roofing contractor to remediate the defects.

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Infrared Inspections

Offering Infrared inspections at no charge when getting a full home inspection. Infrared technology has been around for a long time but just over the last few years it has entered the inspection industry. Here at A.G.G. Home Inspections of Palm Coast we are certified to use this technology and use it on every inspection. We use one of the best kind of cameras for our infrared inspections made by FLIR giving our clients accurate information.

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